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    Mount Etna

    • Villa Milia, Italy
    • Mount Etna$$
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      Powerful and formidable Mount Etna, the birthplace of giants tsyklopaў and the Olympian gods, there are already more than 500 thousand. Years, and continues to attract many fans of extreme rest.

      On average, Etna erupts every three months, and once in 150 years, lava flows razed some nearby village. But this does not in any way afraid of indigenous Sicilians, who often inhabit the slopes of Etna, because thanks to Lava ash soil is very fertile.

      One legend says that in the depths of Etna tire giants. Defeated war with the Olympic gods, they are chained, waiting for the moment to break free and avenge his brothers the Titans. In fact, the volcano god Hephaestus lives.

      Climbing Mount Etna possible from either side. There are cable cars, daily buses or tour buses, off-road vehicles. It is also possible foot ascent, but in this case it is better to hire a guide.

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