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    Venice Grand Canal

    • Sestiere di San Polo, Italy
    • Venice Grand Canal$$
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      Grand Canal in Venice - a unique element of cultural heritage, the city's main channel, which divides Venice into two uneven parts. Flows into the wide canal St. Mark, which is reflected in the waters of the grand Doge's Palace. 3. The length of the channel 800 m, the width ranges from 30 to 70 meters and the depth - about 5 meters.

      Grand Canal - a kind of museum where the exhibits are the numerous palaces that demonstrate the glory and power of Venice from the XII to the XX centuries. The most famous architectural monuments - Palazzo Vendramin Calergi, the famous golden house Ka'd'Oro - First-class sample Venetian Gothic - KadaMosto palazzo palazzo Barbara palatsetto Dandolo, Dario, facades are faced with multicolored marble, and many others.

      The section from the station Piazzale Roma to the marina is a picturesque bazaar Venetian souvenirs, down shawls, blouses, sweaters and other fun stuff.

      Daily walk along the Grand Canal gondola running colorful gondoliers in striped sailor suit and a straw hat with bright ribbons. To see the channel - be sure to use their services: an unforgettable experience guaranteed!

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