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    Statue of Juliet

    • Verona, Italy
    • Statue of Juliet$$
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      Juliet statue - one of the most romantic sights of Italy. Sculpture Shakespearean heroine installed in the courtyard of her house. According to legend, touching the breast of the statue guarantees success in love. By the way, the power to lovers that large that the breast of Juliet Periodically wipe literally to pieces and it has to solder metal.

      For a long time, except touching the breast, tourists performed another ritual: left on the walls of the house countless notes with desires. Once again, the power of love was great. Most so that the authorities decided to clean the walls of Verona, not to get rid of from them at all.

      The house itself was built in the XIII century and, in fact, belong to the family Dahl Chapel, which became the prototype of the Capulet clan in the famous tragedy.

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