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    Amusement park Mirabilandia

    • Case del Bevano, Italy
    • Amusement park Mirabilandia$$
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      Mirabilandia not only looks like a real haven for pirates, it also checks their visitors - they are strong or spirit, courageous, brave? Only a true buccaneer not afraid to climb on the highest point of the park - the 90-meter high Ferris wheel (All not for nothing he was nicknamed "Devil"!) Only a true daredevil not afraid to ride on one of the most extreme rides - the roller coaster called ISpeed, dedicated, as you may guess, "Formula 1". For thrill-seekers have and other slides - for example, Katun, where you will learn all the charm of real congestion, and for those who want a more relaxing stay - quiet navigation on the River of Angels.

      Another distinguishing feature of Mirabilandia - a large number of water rides, water park and the presence, in this connection, a sort of dress code - the park is allowed to go in swimming trunks and bathing suits.

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