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      Colosseum - the largest and most majestic amphitheater of antiquity, one of the most vivid reminder of the power and cruelty of the Roman Empire.

      Construction of the Colosseum lasted for about five years (75-80 AD.). Structure itself has a shape of an ellipse, the length of the longitudinal axis of which is 188 meters. The height of the stone walls - 48.5 meters. The outer wall of the amphitheater has 4 layers: the bottom three are arcades, and the upper - solid wall, dissected pilasters and square windows. On the history of the Colosseum was involved in even the Roman Catholic Church. In 1750 Pope Benedict XIV conferred the status of the Coliseum holy place, because, as thought the church was an amphitheater place of death "for Christ" many martyrs of pagan Rome.

      In the amphitheater administer the fate of thousands of people - you can find their end and criminals sentenced to death, and gladiators, and even wild animals, natskoўvaў for the amusement of the audience restless.

      The first audiences were here already in 80 AD Designated them distributed strictly according to the position which occupies in society. Closest to the scene were "boxes" of the Emperor and approximate. The first tier, which consists of twenty rows of marble benches designated for the nobility, riders and other distinguished citizens of the city. Further block consisted of 16 rows of marble benches. This part of the amphitheater was intended for the middle class of Roman citizens.

      The Coliseum is carefully guarded by the Italian Government, July 7, 2007, he entered the new seven wonders of the world.

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