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    Castel dell'Ovo

    • Napoli, Italy
    • Castel dell'Ovo$$
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      Gothic castle Castello de PSBs was erected in 1279 on the orders of King Charles Anzhuyskaga, in connection with the transfer of the capital to Naples. For many centuries, the castle was the center of political life in Italy, for its walls to make important decisions, key changes the history of Italy.

      Above the gate of the castle stands a triumphal arch - a magnificent work of Renaissance architecture, which was built in honor of the entry to the city of King Alfonso the Fifth. October 1, 1805 the fortress was taken of the Russian squadron under the command of Dmitry Syanyavіnym.

      With the fortress Castello de PSB also bind numerous legends. Neapalіtantsy sure that lived here nymph Partenopei, which so vividly narrates the legend of Virgil.

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